Your Citizen's Step-by-Step Guide

to Collecting Your Money From Your Debtor

Copyright 2016 by Peter Gilboy

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Q. Peter, can you give legal advice?

Peter: I'm not an attorney. Only attorneys can give legal advice. This guide is to share many procedures that have worked for me, and tricks I've used.

Q. Is this Guide the same as your Professional Course for the business?

Peter: No. When you're in the business, a lot of rules change. Also, you have to know how to find judgments, screen them, get them into your name legally, get even more information, get ongoing support and much much much more. This Guide is for people who their own judgment.

Q. Will your Guide work for every state?  

Peter: Some states have limitations. For example in N.C. you can't do wage garnishments under most circumstances, and in DE there are no bank levies. I try to share all of thes with you in the Guide.

Q. The guy I got the judgment against doesn't have anything. What can I do?

Peter:  Frankly, there's nothing you can do right now. But you've done the right thing getting a judgment. It's good for years and can be renewed. He may have something in the future, and if so, that's when you can collect.


Q. It says $40 discount on a bank search. What's that mean? 

Peter: If you decide the way to collect is through a bank account, my other company, Trackers Research can do that for you.  And, at $40 off.

Q. If I decide I don't want to do it myself, can you help me find someone?

Peter: ‚ÄčI know a lot of people in the business, and yes, I'll try to find someone for you. Just email me your state and a copy of the judgment. I'm happy to help if I can.

Peter Gilboy.