Your Citizen's Step-by-Step Guide

to Collecting Your Money From Your Debtor

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 My name is Peter Gilboy, and I enforce judgments. I'm a real person, my picture is there.  Yes, that's me.   I'm not anonymous or hiding behind a website.  

I've enforced judgments for 16 years. I know the ins and outs. Here's my business website: Click Here

Now I've written: The Citizen's Step-by-Step Guide to
Collecting Your Own Judgment.

      This Guide is for people who want to collect their judgment themselves, but don't want to invest years "reinventing the wheel." So I've done the hard part for you. You want to get your money, and you don't want to pay a hefty percentage to a collection agency, judgment enforcement person, or an attorney. Now, you don't need to. I've put together my best experience and knowledge in this step-by-step Guide.
   My Guide is readable, informative, interesting, and even funny in places.   I hope it helps, and you get your money. That's what I intended when I wrote and updated it.