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Judgment Collection that really works

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Your Citizen's Step-by-Step Guide

to Collecting Your Money From Your Debtor

 First, Congratulations!

Since then, I've collected on hundreds of other judgments--from $2,000 to over $200,000, including against scammers, dead beats, and wealthy people trying to hide their assets. I know how to track debtors down and how to make them pay, legally.

Okay, Peter, What's in it?

Peter Gilboy, Master Judgment Enforcer

My name is Peter Gilboy, and I enforce judgments for a living. Here's my business website:
Some years ago, I was in the same boat as you. I had a judgment against a company that turned a novel of mine into an audio book, and then wouldn't pay me the proceeds. Even after I got the judgment, they still wouldn't pay. And the judge wouldn't help me, and the sheriffs just shrugged. I discovered I was on my own.
     To my surprise, I also discovered that nearly 80% of judgments are never collected. After a lot of work, I figured out how to get my debtor to pay me. I then started judgment collection to help other people get their money too.
   Soon people with their own judgments were calling me from all over the country. I'm almost sorry to tell you that my phone rang all day long. That is how many people found themselves up against the same wall you're now facing!

My Guide is for people who want to collect their judgment themselves, but don't want to invest years "reinventing the wheel." So I've done the hard part for you. You want to get your money, and you don't want to pay a hefty percentage to collection agencies, judgment enforcement person, or an attorney. Now, you don't need to. I've put together my best experience and knowledge in this step-by-step Guide.
   The Citizen’s Step-by-Step Guide to Collecting Your Own Judgment is an interactive guide that you can download. I will take you through the collection process from start to finish. Although laws and forms vary a little for each state, what I show you here applies to all the states.
I use everyday language, and when you want more information about something, just click on the key word and it will take you to a page or site link that will explain things even further. The Guide will save you countless hours of research and put the legal forms you need at your fingertips.

The Guide is newly updated. And it's money back.  What does the Guide cover? It's comprehensive. 
I’ll show you step by step the legal ways to: 

  • Locate your debtor 
  • Locate where your debtor lives 
  • Collect from your debtor’s bank account 
  •  Collect from you debtor’s earnings 
  • Put a lien on your debtor’s real property 
  • How to collect from a corporation 
  • How to collect from an independent contractor  
  • Ways to make life miserable for your debtor (legally) until he pays you! 

In addition, I walk you through the ins and outs of... 

  • Finding free forms on line for your state 
  • $30 discount on a bank search.
  • What to do if your debtor is hiding assets with a relative 
  • What to do if your debtor files for bankruptcy 
  • How to conduct an awesome Debtor's Examination 
  • And how to make your debtor open his wallet
  • and hand you the money inside. (It’s true!) 
  • I'll even show you options you have if        your debtor dies! 

 Again, it’s risk free because if you’re not fully satisfied, I'll refund your money. Sweet and Simple.
    I guarantee that this is the best judgment collection guide anywhere, because it's comprehensive and it really is step by step. And it's written by someone who does this for a living. You'll get sample collections situations-- from easy to difficult. And you'll get specific inside tips from my years of experience that you won't find anywhere.

 The court decided in your favor, and now you've won your money judgment. It may be for $200, or $200,000, but in any case when you got the judgment you were feeling pretty good. But the court didn't make your debtor pay. The court leaves collection up to you. And that's probably why you've come to this site.​